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recognized internationally and at Home 

4.0 Analytics CEO invited 

to United Nations

Co-founder & CEO Mark L. Scotland is one of a handful of luminaries over the past 15 years in the special field of vehicle emission technologies and engine diagnostics.  An experienced entrepreneur, Mark utilizes his strong innovative skills to create viable solutions to very complex industry problems.


Co-founder and Corporate SVP Gloria J. Cowart has a diverse background in government, automotive aftermarket, technology operations and fleet management.  Her industry experience provides depth to the 4.0A team. 



One of 4AI’s core goals is having a measurable “social impact” in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale by focusing on optimizing existing fossil fuel vehicles which are currently a top source of green-house-gas (GHG) emissions. 

THE FUTURE…Mechanic on Board® technology…HAS ARRIVED! 

Engine optimization improves fuel economy, reduces maintenance costs and reduces carbon emission for a robust ROI.

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