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Simplicity. Accessibility. Meet your dashboard.

We partner with           to bring our clients additional fleet management features.

Mechanic on Board® (MoB)

Telecom data logger device

Using proprietary algorithms and a wireless interface device that plugs into a vehicle to transmit data, MoB enables real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s health while in-operation, converting the data into actionable alerts (along with requisite in-depth diagnostic data) to avoid expensive failures and stranded vehicles/owners.


The end result is better fuel efficiencies, lower maintenance costs and extended vehicle life, for a high return-on-investment. MoB enables next generation remote emission testing and compliance, eliminating the need, cost and inconvenience of manual emission testing.

Your car, connected

MoB uses a wireless hardware interface device plugged into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port to gather important information about vehicle heath. Get ready for better fuel efficiency than ever before.

Empowering your automotive experience

As an end user, you receive the data on a dashboard that is easy to understand - we do the work, you get results. Access your reports immediately on your PC, smart phone, or tablet.

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Top global challenges facing commercial and government fleets involve cost reduction initiatives, fuel price volatility and emission regulatory compliance.


Various studies show: *80% of cars in the U.S. are in need of service right now; *9 million drivers ignore the "Check-Engine" light on their dashboard causing lower performance and higher component damage.  Federal clean air standards require 33 states and the District of Columbia to implement emission testing programs which results in 71 million vehicles inspected annually.


Mechanic on Board® provides global vehicle tracking and advanced automotive analytics – enabling fleet managers and executives to access engine and emissions data via ongoing real time alerts. Automated engine diagnostics, evaluation and emissions monitoring data provide fleet administrators and service repair managers with alerts and detailed action items using predictive maintenance as opposed to preventive/scheduled maintenance. For executives, forecasting and trending data is available, providing useful information to make budget and resource planning decisions.



MoB makes gas powered vehicles more cost efficient, safer and greener by:

  • Providing early warning and actionable items to clean and maintain gasoline consuming vehicles, making vehicles more cost efficient for a fraction of the cost of vehicle replacement.

  • Measuring performance metrics of the engine and emission system in real time to enable regular reporting on progress toward achieving vehicle efficiency goals.

  • Adhering to more rigorous emissions regulatory compliance standards.

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