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Our Story

4.0 Analytics is the software provider of Mechanic on Board® (MoB) and

Em-CARS™ technologies.


We created a vehicle management system that continuously evaluates the engine, generating end user outputs that can support reductions in fuel consumption and the ever increasing cost of maintaining vehicles. 

Our Vision

We believe in predictive rather than preventative maintenance. By providing early warning for gasoline consuming vehicles, we make vehicles more cost efficient at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

OUR Technology

With our cutting edge BigData and IoT technology, we keep your vehicle health data in a secure online infrastructure, so we can send you actionable alerts and valuable insights.

With Mechanic On Board®, you can predict car failures before they happen. We use BigData, Analytics, and IoT to improve vehicle operating efficiency while  reducing carbon emission. It's transparency for your system like you've never seen before.  
GPS doesn't get you there, a healthy vehicle does.
Who We Are
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We've all been there.

But what if you could see car failures before they happened?

The Business Times

"A complete game changer."

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Tel: 862-237-7841

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Newark, New Jersey 07103

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